Our Staff

Listening to our customers, being flexible to their needs and reaching their expectations. Excellent food through the procurement of the best ingredients, local wherever possible combined with the enthusiasm and talent of our chef.

Mike – Director

Joint owner and managing director Mike has been with the company for 12 years playing a major role in the formation and Growth of the business. Mike studied Hospitality at Salisbury College and worked as Chef in local restaurants before joining Forkingout originally as a chef and quickly grew within the company to his present position. Mike loves cycling, golf, football and Food.

Nick – Director

Joint owner and managing director has been in the hospitality industry for over 40 years, Nick founded Forkingout Ltd 14 years ago. Taking his inspiration from the quality ingredients being produced locally ,he formed a company ethos on producing quality food made from local ingredients created by trained full time chefs and served by a smiling team. He still makes bread each week and loves food, golf, rugby and cycling.


Head Chef Sam has grown up with the company starting with us at 15. He studied at Salisbury College and completed his Level 3 qualification in house. He is a total foodie and lives and breaths cooking. He prides himself on his attention to detail and the high quality he sets himself and his team. He loves Fishing, Football, Golf and Food.


Sous Chef Warren has grown up with the company like Sam. Another total foodie he did all his training in house becoming and excellent all round chef and and integral part of our team. Canapés are his specialism and he has developed our selection. He is currently studying for his Level 3 qualification. He loves his golf football, cycling and food


The newest member of the kitchen team our apprentice, Matt joined us straight from school and has completed the first part of his national scheme. Matt is another foodie and always prides himself on the quality of his food. Matt loves cycling, food and Lego.

Our Front of house team

Our Front of house team is made up of all ages, they have one thing in common they all like smiling, a prerequisite to joining Forkingout. They are all trained in house in service skills and the senior members such as Angela, Kirsty, Jill, Jenny and Lizzy, have been with us for over 10 years.